Downloads are failing - timing out

Hi everyone!

Recently I started to use Cloudflare to deal with requests for my company’s website. So far I am very impressed with the service and the ease of the transition, however I have come across one problem.

One part of the website is the ability for users to download files locally to their computer. This has stopped working since Cloudflare has been activated, what happens is the download gets initialised, and the wrong file size gets displayed. The browser proceeds to download (very low speeds - 100KB a second) until it reaches the originally advertised file size. Eventually when it reaches that file size it hangs for about 1 minute until the browser cancels the download and reports a ‘Failed - Network Error’ warning.

The files being downloaded are all PDF’s. It is worth noting that I don’t know how the files are server seeing as I did not build the website.

Is this a known issue with Cloudflare?


It sounds like this issue:

Hi Sdayman thanks for the reply,

Yes I had a look at that but it wasn’t hugely enlightening. What about Cloudflare being activated would suddenly cause this to be an issue?


Cloudflare enables http2 for SSL connections which is a hugely valuable performance tool. However http2 expects the reported size to match what the webserver reports for streamed content.

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Thank you so much, this resolved my issue!

For other people having the same issue, I changed the HTTP/2 setting on the ‘network’ tab of my Cloudflare overview page.