Downloading Web Analytics data

I have enabled Cloudflare Web Analytics for a domain. I would like to build an internal dashboard using this data. I have looked at the graphql API and have found httpRequests1dGroups but it seem to be data from traffic analytics which is quite different.

Can you confirm whether it’s possible to programatically access Cloudflare Web Analytics?

Thank you,

The one you accessed from the GraphQL API is based on edge logs, where Web Analytics is based on RUM so the data both provide could be different.

There are several GraphQL API datasets providing aggregated metrics on Web Analytics.

  • rumPageloadEventsAdaptiveGroups: for visits and pageloads
  • rumPerformanceEventsAdaptiveGroups: for legacy performance metrics
  • rumWebVitalsEventsAdaptiveGroups: for Web Vitals metrics

Please give a try and if you have further questions, please let us know.

Thanks a lot.