Downloading image on client side is giving CORS Error

I have couple variants, one for thumbnail and other one is full sized image. On client side, I am showing thumbnail using <img src=$thumbnailUrl> tag and there’s an option to download full sized image using <a download href="$fullSizeUrl">. Download is giving CORS error client side.

One way to solve this could be to pass this image through a proxy which adds CORS headers. Any better suggestions on how to go about solving this?


I have the same issue and look forward to a suggestion. My work-around is to download the original file from a storage bucket, perhaps R2 will support this when it is available. Another option is to open the full size image in a new browser window and prompt the user to save it, but they will have to allow popups.

Yeah, no good workarounds I could think of. I have made a worker script which downloads and adds CORS headers.

I had this issue as well. I am putting the image onto a canvas. I can do that via an image element, but it makes the canvas untrusted. It would be nice to be able to set allowed domains in the dashboard.

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