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I am really confused right now. In the forum posts, there is a controversial discussion about downloading non-html files, but the outcome was not really clear.

The support said, that the massive download of non-html files is totally fine, but the ToS 2.8 says, that it is permitted.

My use-case:
To be honest, I wanted to benefit from the Bandwith Alliance. I have a server hosted in Vultr (which is a partner of the bandwidth alliance) and apps are downloading video files.
I wanted to let them go through Cloudflare and save the bandwidth costs.

Is there any possibility to benefit from it, when downloading video files without using the Cloudflare-Stream plan? Maybe through workers or through the CDN but without caching?

I am also ready to pay a much higher fix-price like with the enterprise plan.

Kind Regards and Thank you in advice!

Unfortunately, that’s a violation of ToS, as you’re just using Cloudflare as a video pipeline. Caching is irrelevant, as Cloudflare still has to transit that data.

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Thanks for your reply.
What is about that Cloudflare Stream Delivery?

In some posts here, I found the answers, that it would be possible, if I make a contract with Cloudflare (Enterprise plan).
Is that correct or is this information outdated?

Cloudflare Stream is like a video library hosted on the Cloudflare network. You can use that for as many videos as you’d like.

I’m pretty sure an Enterprise plan will let you do whatever you want to pay for. You can certainly contact Sales and let them know what you’d like to do.

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Thank you sdayman :slight_smile:

I meant this with CF Stream Delivery: Cloudflare Stream Delivery - schnell Videos starten | Cloudflare
Don’t know if this is included in the CF Stream or requires an Enterprise plan :slight_smile:

I have made a meeting with the sales team.

That’s exactly it. You can load up your Stream Library by directly importing videos from an existing link. You should not face egress fees from your host during this import process. Most hosts will reverse any charges for Bandwidth Alliance traffic.

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