Download videos from CF

I have my video uploaded to stream. My question is … if I set the domain in “Enter allowed origin domains”… is their any possibility of downloading the file from other domains

couldnt find any query similar to this, thus posting

If you specify a list of allowed origin domains, video will be unable to play in other websites who embedded your video, including direct video link access (if I’m not mistaken).

As for download, I don’t think there’s a way that can actually “download” the video from Cloudflare Stream yet. It’s only for streaming.

Thankyou, but I could find this site … and in their when given the url it says… can download. Not sure if its possible or not. Hence seeking updates from experts

So far I haven’t seen any video downloaders able to download Cloudflare Stream videos.

Somehow it can only detect it but not giving any download links.

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