Download videos (beta) not including `Content-Disposition` header

@zaid When using the beta video downloads API, Cloudflare does not respond with a Content-Disposition header to force a download. This means that if an end user is redirected to the download URL in their browser (as in our use case) instead of the download occurring via cURL, their browser will not download the file.

There is no workaround for this due to content security settings - even an <a> tag with a download attribute won’t force the download.

Cloudflare responding with Content-Disposition: attachment would solve this problem, and shouldn’t impact downloads through other approaches (including cURL.)

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This is great feedback, thank you! We’ll make a few adjustments based on your feedback and post an update when ready.

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Hey @weaver just wanted to follow up with this post unless you did not notice we ended up including the header about two weeks ago!

Here’s a URL to test it with:

Also just wanted to say thank you for all your super clear posts on the forum here. :pray:

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Hi @renan - I didn’t notice, so the followup here is appreciated!

I tried to download a video today and am getting an error in result.default.status, but I can’t find anywhere that gives an error message. Where should I be looking for this? The top level errors array is empty.

Do you have the video ID with the error? Happy to help with this.

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This happened multiple times today. Here are some of the IDs:

  • c3a15e33cbf14d68b9cf984a31b5f21a
  • 55161587d3884b8c917335668d87b8fd
  • a54ae7e5b5124231b9ea76eb9eaa44a0
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We got to the bottom of what happened here. If the video had a watermark enabled, in certain cases, download files were not prepared correctly. Working on getting this fixed, will post here when the fix is live.


@weaver we just solved this issue and re-processed all the downloads for the video IDs you’ve posted. Let us know if it works for you now!

This was an issue that affected <1% of all downloads so thank you for flagging this!


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