Download time over 15 seconds

We are on the business plan and we purchased the argo feature.
We are discussing this issue with the support over 15 days.

When I change my host file to the ip of the server the speed of the download time is about few ms.

When we use Cloudflare service the first time I browse a page, the download time is in average 15 seconds.
When I browse the same page after that the download time is few ms.

How can I we improve the download time?


May I ask how large the file which you’re trying to download is and what file extension does it have? :thinking:

Have you got a download link to try? Did you provided it to the Cloudflare Support?
This might be due to the peering at your local ISP/server.

Check also what does shows, replacing with your actual domain name of course. Post that, removing the IP, if you want.

What is your general location?

This the total time for the download of the whole page.
With Cloudflare:

Without Cloudflare - Changed the host file

Sounds like an HTTP(S) issue to me :thinking:

Have you checked the Developer Tools (F12) → Console for any errors like mixed content, etc.?

Before moving to Cloudflare, was your Website working over HTTPS connection?

What kind of a content have you got?
Is there a lot of traffic / visitors?
Any images or videos, or embeded iframes?
Is it a WordPress website or some webshop?

Might mean your server is generating a page, therefore upon refresh it gets cached after some particular time and is kept for some time like that n your web browser until it’s expired at the origin host and therefore the server has to re-generate the cached HTML document to serve it again.

However, I might be wrong about it because I don’t have the example URL neither know the domain name to test this out. Therefore, you’ve mentioned you are on a ticket with Business plan, I believe they’d figure and sort this out for you in the meantime.

we are having this issue too. did you find the solution?

I have been reduce in loader from 15 sec to 2 sec but still it showing same error.

did any one got answer regarding this problem ?

Was there a lot of traffic on the Website, therefore you might have had to wait “in line” so the server could generate one and serve it to you, despite the Cloudflare?

I ask, because I just wonder due to my curiosity how and why, to figure out or make some connection between the behaviour and case.

May I ask what error do you get? Or that’s the “error” as of the page load time duration?

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