Download SSL certificate with SHA256

Our website needs to download a SSL certificate and send to the government for access to the govt information. They have asked us to provide an SSL certificate with SHA256RSA and Key usage showing “Data encipherment (10)”.

How do we get this from CF? We have the advanced SSL already installed but there isn’t any way to download the certificate with the above information.

Are you saying your government essentially wants access to your site’s private key to decrypt your data?

That is not possible in a proxied context as you won’t have access that key. You will need to have the records unproxied, in which case you need to provide them with whatever you have on your server. That won’t be a Cloudflare related issue at that point.

Unless you sign up for an Enterprise plan of course

We need to provide them with the certificate to get access to govt API, so that the data transfer is secure from govt servers.

So you only need the certificate, not the key? The certificate you can get with any random browser. Just open the SSL details in your browser and access the certificate from there.

Google will certainly have more details should something be unclear.

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