Download speeds are too slow


We are building a project website but it takes too long to load a page. For example, this page has 4 images (2.5MB total) but it takes around 12 seconds to load.

How we can speed up the loading time?


You are already using two very fast CDNs chained behind each other, so things are getting delivered as fast as just possible in this world.

May think about frontend optimization?

You pictures are getting displayed with a max size of: 1030px x 320px but the image ( ) is getting loaded at: 2000px x 1846px

The overhead is just at about 1120% (11.2x)
So you are loading to much infos/datas which you do not show on the page.

There is nothing Cloudflare can do here. Its your template.

Also I heared rumors of new sites beeing about twice as fast if they include “germany” in their travel-pages :grin:

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For what it’s worth, the page took 3 seconds in total to load from my end

I actually optimized them before but it seems like I forgot to change the assets :slight_smile: Thank you for the suggestion!

And also, great joke! :smiley:

So it seems like it’s both an optimization and network issue about me. Thank you all!

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