Download rootCA from Client Certificate

Hello team,

I need to download this rootCA to create a certificate chain

Any ideas on how to get this “Cloudfare Managed CA”?

Once we get it, we would be able to create the certificate bundle :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: - have a nice day!

What certificate are you trying to create? An edge certificate or an origin certificate?

I created a Client Certificate - it was signed with the Cloudfare Managed Authority as shown in the screenshot. There was no other option there :stuck_out_tongue:

Already been there.

Sadly, it didn’t solve my issue as the certificate wasn’t created by me…

The link I provided has the rootCA in both pem and crt format. If you need it to be in some other format I guess you can convert it, there should be tutorials on the Internet to get it to whatever format you need.

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I created the client certificate, yes. The rootCA certificate wasn’t created by me, so I have one piece (Client Certificate) and need the other one (rootCA).

Are you sure that’s the rootCA that signs every client certificate created from a CSR and private key?


The link provided has links to download the rootCA. If that’s not what you’re looking for can you describe that it is that you need?

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