Download report for all domains under our Cloudflare management

We would like to download an excel report of all domains that we have under Cloudflare management and account. We would like the fields in the report to be our edge certificate and DNS records.

You can run an API call to get this information.

You can list the DNS records with this API call:

Here is a API call for listing Universal SSL settings:

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Hi dmartin1, thanks so much for this. The only problem now, is I am not to sure what to do with this information. Is there easy laid out steps on how to get the DNS records and edge certificates for all 1900 domains we have under cloudflare?

if you can provide steps on this, that would be amazing.

Hi @dmartin1 ,

Thank you again for this!

I am able to download a DNS report for just one domain name at a time. Is there a way to export the DNS records for all 1,893 domains in my Cloudflare account at once?

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