Download Pages Server Logs

I been reading through the pages and wrangler docs. Can I enable logging for a Cloudflare pages site and then download the server logs via the wrangler api ?

There are no native logs in Pages that you can download via wrangler at a later date.

You can implement your solution via Functions, if you want.

Hey, I’m from the Pages team

We will have live logging of your Functions in the future. Is this what you’re looking for? If not, could you tell me what kind of logs and information you’re looking for?

Thank you for replies. I am looking for the standard apache or nginx format web logs or similar to import into our matomo analytics and also archive. I do not want to use js on the page as blocked by trackers.

Then you need to implement a custom middleware function to log the requests, they are not showing those logs, unless you have Logpush on the Enterprise plan.

You might want to try Zaraz. It handles analytics from the back end, so it shouldn’t get blocked.

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