Download firewall actvity

Is it possible to download the firewall activity table that shows each intrusion that has been blocked by rule etc - in other words can the activity table be downloaded?

There should be an option to export the activity table of the firewall.


I go to firewall / overview and see the table showing the activity. i can edit the columns but there is no export button - i am trying to upload the image of the page.


I have the same problem there is no Export Button , but if i click the a Specific activity I can see a Export event json

Is there any way to Download all together ?

You can use Cloudflare’s GraphQL API to do that see and example at


You can see the GraphQL API datasets available that you can query at

Available datasets

The following datasets (and associated nodes) are available in Cloudflare Analytics:

Dataset (product) Node
Firewall Activity Log firewallEventsAdaptive firewallEventsAdaptiveByTimeGroups
Firewall Analytics firewallEventsAdaptiveGroups
Health Check Analytics healthCheckEventsAdaptive healthCheckEventsAdaptiveGroups
HTTP Requests httpRequestsAdaptiveGroups httpRequests1mGroups httpRequests1hGroups httpRequests1dGroups
Image Resizing Analytics imageResizingRequests1mGroups
Load Balancing Analytics loadBalancingRequestsAdaptive loadBalancingRequestsAdaptiveGroups
Magic Firewall Analytics magicFirewallSamplesAdaptiveGroups
Network Analytics v2
for Magic Transit customers magicTransitNetworkAnalyticsAdaptiveGroups dosdNetworkAnalyticsAdaptiveGroups dosdAttackAnalyticsAdaptiveGroups flowtrackdNetworkAnalyticsAdaptiveGroups magicFirewallNetworkAnalyticsAdaptiveGroups
Network Analytics v2

for Spectrum customers
(Enterprise plans only)|spectrumNetworkAnalyticsAdaptiveGroups dosdNetworkAnalyticsAdaptiveGroups dosdAttackAnalyticsAdaptiveGroups|
|SYN Attacks (DoS Analytics)|synAvgPps1mGroups|
|Workers Metrics|workersInvocationsAdaptive|


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