Download file will show "Waiting for ..."


I see a very strange problem. In Chrome, when clicking the “Free Download” button in our product page such as Outlook PST Repair Tool | DataNumen, I will see “Waiting for …” info in the status bar, see below:


Is this message generated by Cloudflare? I search online but cannot find related info.

Definitely not. This is your browser telling you, that he ATM is trying to reach out to “”. Probably before the download to track/analyse users behaviour.

For me this looks like: which does exactly what I said above.
The script is getting invoked by: which you probably implemented somewhere on your site.

So what this does, is tracking and alaysing userbehaviour and is very likely a Microsoft product.
If you have questions about it please reach out to them :slight_smile:

If you follow: you even are redirected to: which is a strong indicator for what I said. Weird is that (without www) is not redirecting.

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