Downgrading SSL Encryption Mode From Full (Strict) to Full

How long would it take to take effect if I change my SSL encryption mode from Strict to Full?

In general, I believe usually it takes a few moments or a minute (or few) to apply the changes.

I prefer to give it a minute or two to apply the changes I make at the Cloudflare dashboard.

You might have to Purge the cache at Cloudflare, or clear the cache in your current Web browser, or try using a different Web browser to double-check if any changes, if so.

Due to my curiosity, may I ask why are you downgrading from Full (Strict) SSL to Full SSL? :thinking: May I ask if you are experiencing some issue or error?

Thank you!

Yes, I’m facing an issue with some users that their browser is viewing the website as “Not Secure” and that the certificate’s date is invalid. I have checked my certificates on both ends and they’re both valid and I have tried solving the issue on one of the users’ device but the error still persists.

The error is showing on Chrome but it’s working smoothly on Firefox.

I’m considering downgrading as an option if I fail to find the issue.
I go into detail about the issue in another topic

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