Downgrading New Cert to Old COMODO


Hello, this might seem like a stupid question but is there any way to downgrade back to the old COMODO ECC certificate? My site is currently on the new CloudFlare-ECC cert and i’d like to go back to the old one thanks.


Just out of curiosity, why? They should both work fine.


I have a domain linked to a personal server, I need to access those files via a school network, and the school networks blocks Let’s Encrypt & the new CloudFlare certs for some reason and gives me errors when i try and connect, the only one that worked was the COMODO one from months ago, I reinstalled the domain on cloudflare around August last year and just left it but have had this problem, when i initially signed up in June last year it gave me the COMODO cert and it was working fine.


I doubt you will be able to get one of the old certs as I believe they are trying to transition them all over to the new Cloudflare ones.

What error do you get on the school network with the new Cloudflare certificates?


If that’s the case, that’s a lot of sites that they’re blocking. I would also like to know which errors you are receiving.

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Whenever i visit a website it presents me with a privacy ssl error on chrome, I can’t recreate it now because it’s the weekend, but whenever i would check the issuer of the certificate it would replace the SSL with their own root cert and for some reason they don’t trust their own cert? Again, im not someone who knows much about this stuff but it just seems ridiculous that they would not allow things like wikipedia, but would allow websites going through cloudflare with the COMODO version of the cert. If there really is no way to go back to the old certs thats fine, I can live without it but I was just wondering if there was a way, thanks for both of your help though!


Sounds like they have some sort of TLS MITM going on (understandable, you’re on their network).

You should be able to bypass that by clicking the advanced button the continuing, just be wary that your connection can be read by the school admins.

If the website has HSTS, you can type “thisisunsafe” in chrome to bypass the HSTS warning anyways. If you want to test this locally ->


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Pretty ridiculous but as you can see the COMODO ones work perfect, but it seems like any other certificate just doesn’t, and I don’t think being able to use google at school is too much to ask for. Either way thank you guys for your help, much appreciated.

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