Downgrading from Pro has a serious UX problem


Earlier I downgraded one of my domains from Pro to Free. It looks like when you downgrade from Pro, it automatically adds a new subscription for 20 Page Rules for $20/month without any affirmative consent from the user. I saw another topic very recently where someone else had this happen.

I’m lucky I noticed that there was a new $20/mo charge being added in addition to the cancellation, and didn’t just click through what should have been a straightforward cancellation process.

It’s very unexpected and confusing for it to work this way. Especially considering that I only had 1 page rule on that domain, so clearly I do not need the plan for 20 extra page rules to be pre-selected.

I can understand how someone might click through this and not realize they’re going to keep getting charged $20/month. I almost did it. My reaction wasn’t “Oh right, the page rules… Very helpful to add a new subscription automatically just in case I want to keep paying $20/mo for page rules I don’t have”. Instead I was confused and frustrated. Then when I clicked Back to fix it, it deleted my feedback in the “Other” field for my reason for cancelling. But that’s a separate issue–forms are hard.

This experience creates a trust problem. Although I’m certain it is not intentional, this is a bait-and-switch, plain and simple. It’s a bad user experience. And I saw a lack of empathy and willingness to make things right with the other person who encountered this and was not lucky enough to notice before it was too late that they were going to keep getting charged $20/month for something they never asked for and almost certainly didn’t need or want.

Thank you for reading through this. I’m not just trying to vent frustrations and tell you that things are wrong. I’m making a plea to fix something that will continue to frustrate your customers and cause them to lose money. When I tell people how awesome Cloudflare is, I don’t want to have to say “but, be careful with billing, sometimes they’ll sneak in charges on you”.

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Hi @avaranze sorry to know that you’re having this experience.
That doesn’t sound right, under normal circumstances we would not automatically add a new subscription for 20 Page Rules upon a downgrade. If you were incorrectly charged due to a fault in the system, please open a billing ticket and our billing specialist can review if you’re eligible for a refund.