Downgrading from Enterprise Website Plan to Free Website Plan

If you are on the enterprise plan where you can have X number of websites on the enterprise website plan. How do you downgrade from a previously assigned domain from enterprise website plan to free website plan? We have a limited number of websites that we can have on the enterprise website plan so we would need to change (upgrade another domain) from free website to enterprise website plan. Thank you.

Downgrades from Enterprise to Free are probably rare, but you best clarify this with your assigned customer agent, particularly as long as you are still an Enterprise customer, as he will certainly be able to provide the best advice for such a migration.

If you had several sites you will need to have them on separate Free plans after the migration.


Just to add to this, it is probably best to clarify with your account team as @sandro mentioned, however I just tested it and it is possible to do it yourself.

You can’t change plan from Enterprise in the dashboard, but can with the API -

If you have a quota of Enterprise zones to use, when you downgrade one to Free with the API that quota should be increased so you can apply that plan to the other zone you want.

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I’d expect a migration from Enterprise to Free to require more than just a few clicks, particularly because a lot can break.


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