Downgrade in Limbo or something?

Let me preface this situation by stating; I love Cloudflare and the service they offer and have been using it for well ages. ( I would say 10+ years for sure if not longer). I have multiple websites on it, most using the free tier, and a website which has been on Pro for roughly 6-7 years.

My interactions with the Cloudflare support have been short, direct, sweet in the few times I need some guidance/assistance.

But 20 days ago I tried downgrading the mentioned Pro account, which failed and I though ok must be some sort of hiccup, I’ll try again in a few days, Still failed and 18 days ago I decided to create a support ticket regarding the issue as it was noted Cloudflare is experiencing billing issues on the Cloudflare status page.

I don’t want to do anything fancy, but I want to downgrade the mentioned account.
And this has nothing to do with the service, but the combination is unneeded anymore for me.

But since that request Cloudflare has not updated anything, even though I asked for an update multiple times. Nor can I solve the downgrade myself as the same issue seems to persist. (Internal Server Error 1000)

Another lovely fact is that in the upcoming two weeks, the annual Pro payment for that domain is upcoming, which is unneeded as I want to downgrade it. So all in all … if this does not get resolved before, we will have another administrative issue on our hands … which we should be able to prevent etc.

Also and this might be me thinking of an ideal world; how hard can it be to downgrade an account when a customer asks for this, if the automatic billing system has an issue. A service like Cloudflare should be able to do so when given more then 2 weeks.

PS: The reason for this post is to check if others have experienced similair problems lately and to learn what they did to resolve it, or how long it took to get solved.

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I apologize and am pretty certain our ongoing billing migration has been part of the recent mess up.

The error 1000 is usually a DNS error, is it perhaps an error 10000? In any event, let’s get this to a ticket that we can flag for our colleagues in support.

Can you create an Account ticket and share your ticket number here? You can open an Account ticket here,

Edit - I do not see the 10k error on the dash that I was expecting and do see the pro subscription.

I have also seen a handful (2 or 3) recent incidents where customers were unable to downgrade or change plan type and needed Support to assist, so I expect that is the case here. Once you have a ticket, share the number here, please, and I will flag it for my colleagues.

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@cloonan I can not say thank you enough for your help.
As noted I love the service but this ticket went in a sort of limbo state.
Thanks for intervening and helping in this getting traction and even being resolved within a period of hours.

For reference; Currently the plan was downgraded successully.
The 1000 Internal Server Error, actuallt happened at the end of the downgrade action you do as a user.
So when selecting change billing, selecting free, selecting free again, then selecting any of the reasons and selecting if you found an alternative or not.
It all related to ticket Id #3212580

Once again thank you, you are awesome, keep up the great job!

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I have been having the same problem for more than a month and with ticket 3185415 open without anyone giving me a solution. Unfortunately they wanted to charge me for the renewal of the Pro plan and now there is a second problem with the unpaid invoice and without the downgrade of the plan. You have been lucky with the help, I exposed the problem in this same forum and received no answer. Maybe @cloonan could help me?

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Sorry to here that Jotamontan! I hope the team can help you get things resolved as well.
By no means do I think that they do it on purpose, but sometimes it might need some manual intervention.

I will flag that for my Billing Support colleages.

@pfsquad thank you for the confirmation, let us know if anything else comes up. Sorry for the hassle.

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Thanks for the help, I would appreciate it if someone could check the ticket. It has been open since March 14 with hardly any activity.

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