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I found your business because the website I am trying to access is giving me an error both on my phone and my desktop.
I emailed your HD support but it seems that my ticket is getting automatically closed as resolved and now I have had to create a profile on your website (don’t know why as I am just a consumer) and then post a thread here to ask the same question I sent to your support.
So who can help me?!
I am getting an error 1020 when I try to access:

So why does someone like myself living in Australia trying to access a US website get an error and have to contact some web hosting company and create a profile just to ask a question that your support team should have addressed?
And now I have spend all this time trying to dig around to just access a website that I wanted to look at and now I don’t know if I want to even look at this website, so the business will probably lose money because I am going to go to another car service company that has a website I can access?
Pretty disappointing!!

This error means the website owner decided to block connections based on some rules - perhaps the website owner doesn’t want visitors from outside their home country.

You have to contact the website.

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