Down in Buenos Aires, Argentina - (EZE)?

Hello, is cloudflare down in Buenos Aires, Argentina - (EZE)? Because it sends me everything to Santiago, Chile - (SCL) and it generates a constant 522 error and it did not happen before.

No, EZE is not reported as down at

There’s pretty much nothing we (or you) can do about Cloudflare routing visitors through a data center that is not the closest to you. Cloudflare is a huge network and it will route visitors based on traffic patterns. I don’t believe, though, that this is causing the 522s. These errors are normally related to issues at the origin:

A 522 error typically happens when Cloudflare requests to the origin (your webserver) get blocked. Review the suggestions in this Community Tip for troubleshooting ideas.

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The server is blocking Cloudflare IP addresses that are not on the list, it is out of date to that list.

These IP ranges are not on the list

Yes, they are:

This is covered by

This is covered by


Those IPs were blocked on my server, I whitelisted it and now it works perfectly.

All the IP’s are from Cloudflare, it shows that it doesn’t know about networks.

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