Doubts about the load balancer

Hello, I’m looking for a load balancer solution and I have some questions about Cloudflare.

  1. Does the traffic redirection option transfer the user to the pool server?
    Ex. User accesses (load balancer) is redirected to s2 or

  2. is it possible to disable Cloudflare caching? will be used for file distribution and I don’t want to violate any Cloudflare bandwidth guidelines.

Do you mean Traffic Steering?

The Cloudflare Load Balancer does not use HTTP redirects. It makes a decision about which Origin(s) to use based on the rules you define, so all user requests to will be sent to an available origin web server.

Load Balancers can be DNS Only :grey:. Just disabling Caching would still pass all the responses through Cloudflares servers, potentially in violation of the standard Terms.

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Thanks for the reply. If I disable the orange cloud I won’t violate any rules, is that it?.

Correct. That traffic will go direct to the origin and not traverse the Cloudflare network or servers.

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Hi, I have another question, if I keep the TTL time high, will the queries decrease?

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