Doubt with CNAME DNS For Egoi email marketing

Hello everybody.

I need help.

My email marketing service are telling me that my CNAME doesnt are verified.

But I follow his instructions and i dont know how proceed.

They request open DNS record for CNAME with the follow instructions:


| |300| IN |CNAME ||

But here in my DNS Cloudflare, I only have too fields to answer.

CNAME: NAME and DOMAIN NAME, TTL are Automatic(I dont know what choice I have to mark) and dont have a field to put the egoi DATA ( .

Please, someone could help me???

I appreciate…

To get all that, it should look like this:

They probably want :grey: instead of :orange:, so make sure that’s set before you click Add Record.

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Thank you, sdayman!

I create this record now. But I hope it works. I have to wait a few hours for the egoi system update and verify.

I had create just now and they dont could confirm yet.

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It looks properly set up now. I hope they like it.

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Thank you very much, my brother! They lliked! It’s all configured now. Thanks to you!
Problem solved! :grinning:

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