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We have a domain wich has a lot of visitors and sometimes when we have peak users, the website goes down. We have a server with 16GB RAM, 8 core CPU, and 300GB SSD. We would like to know if we use Cloudflare and its options, this will prevent the website from going down when we have peak users (100k users at the same time).

Thank you

Hello there, my first question would be is this fully static content or there is some sort of dynamic component to each page load?

There are some pages with static content, and other pages with dynamic content. It’s a large website…

I ask because, with any amount of dynamic content, that server will never be able to handle 100k users at the same time… and Cloudflare can help with caching of static assets, but anything dynamic will always need to go back to the origin.

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So what should we do then? The website works fine but if one day we publish some post that has 100k users at the same time, the website goes down…

I would highly suggest talking to someone that you hire to handle the website. Having 100k users is a very big website, you shouldn’t have a single server handling it and Cloudflare alone, while it can do a lot, needs to be optimised for on the server, too.

When @Matteo asked if the site had dynamic content, the question really meant if each page was dynamically generated per user? If every one of those 100k users sees the same thing, then the size of your server is almost irrelevant provided you have appropriate cache settings in place. The number of unique objects your web server has to generate and serve per second will have a much larger impact on overall performance. (i.e. 100k users each seeing the exact same cached asset vs. 100k users each requesting a different asset.)

I would seriously question your high availability strategy if your Origin is just one server.


Sorry, I thought you mean that our website has content that updates every x time.

The content in the website is the same for all users, it only updates when publishing posts, api calls, etc.

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