Doubt regarding how Cloudflare works

Hello, I am using JS challenge (sometiems even captcha) on traffic from certain countries. I provide some links (mainly Patreon, a subcription based website) in posts. Does Cloudflare have any effect when someone clicks on those links (whether visitors faced js challenege/captach or not)? I just want to make sure that it will not effect my earning in any way.

I admit that my doubt doesn’t make sense but I just have to ensure it.

It totally depends on the rules/expressions that you created. If your firewall expression only checks the source country and nothing else, then the source country is the only thing that affects the decision.

My firewall rule (expressions) are:

  1. ( eq “CN” and not
  2. ( eq “DO” and not

Some countries have action (JS Challenege) selected while some have (Captch).

Will this cause any trouble for visitors who clicks on Patreon link and then redirect to Patreon’s site?

This shouldn’t affect the visitor traffic.

Is there any other settings which can effect it?
I don’t want it to be effected by any way as it’s lifeline of my site.

Once someone clicks on the Patreon link they are no longer on your domain and Cloudflare will have no effect on that.

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Firewall rules will only affect requests to your site and, as a result, requests to your Patreon link if that is how that link is being discovered. A direct request to your Patreon will not go through your firewall rules.

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