Doubt about subdomain

Hi! I have several domains running normally on Cloudflare, but a new case has arisen, where I would like to have only one subdomain of a main domain on Cloudflare, and the owner of the main domain will point to my dns in Cloudflare only for the subdomain. How do I resolve this? How do I leave only the subdomain of this main domain running on Cloudflare?

Thank you!

You can’t do that! It is physically (and technically) impossible to add a subdomain (and a subdomain only)!

You must have a main domain, and from there you can add the subdomain!

However, you might want to try deproxing (:grey:) the main domain and proxying the subdomain only!

This way, the main domain does NOT go through Cloudflare, but the subdomain will!

Well, yes, unless you have a spare 200 quid Americanos a month :wink:

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