Doubt about domain statistics

Hello, I would like to know how with CloudFare Domains to know this kind of statistics before buying each domain, to see how much each one suits me. Where could I see it before buying it?

I would greatly appreciate your help


What kind of statistics are you referring to?

Hello im talking about this:

Those charts and data and generated with users make requests through :orange: DNS records. There is no way to see them without hooking your domain into Cloudflare.

If I buy my domains in Cloudflare, is there a way to see that? That is, before buying it, to be able to see


There’s no way to get statistics like that for a domain name that’s not registered as the domain name doesn’t exist until it’s actually physically registered.

What you’re referring to is called in the industry domain name tasting.

That’s where you register a domain name and then cancel it within the first initial cancellation period offered to registrars only two companies offer this service.

You analyse the traffic while the domain name is registered through the tasting period and decide to keep it registered or drop and receive a partial refund.

The only company offering this publicly I believe is Dynadot they refer to this product as “Grace Deletion” however it’s complicated and you may not always be able to get a partial refund on the domains.

Here’s some relevant references.