Doublelist constant server issues

doublelist constant Cloudflare verification server issues, st.louis, mo. constantly

Is doublelist a website a platform, a content management solution? Are you the website owner? What issue specifically are you experiencing?

it is the site that replaced craigslist personals years ago. they went with Cloudflare in the past year or so. constantly it is saying Cloudflare checking the security of your email and many times it is quick but lately - for months/,it constantly says Cloudflare taking longer than expected keep refreshing your page-- then minutes or even hours later it works. but before that it keeps saying server cannot be found or verified over and over and over. it is very difficult when you have placed an ad and need to end ad , delete ad , and even go to site to use it -you cannot. been a maximum of 15 hours before you can go back online multiple times.

Check the steps above. You can also contact them to determine why your requests were blocked. Cloudflare is a tool, customers wield it. You’re being flagged by their settings, but what flags it is their configuration.

they do not respond to the emails because we( the users) are not a business/ professional web site controller.

If it isn’t your website you would need to contact the website owner. Cloudflare cannot make changes on behalf of a customer (and a user is right out). Website operators control their access. If Cloudflare is blocking you incorrectly, the operator of the settings on Cloudflare would need to make changes to accommodate the exceptions.

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