Double-payment for renewal; transferring with 10-year expiration

I transferred a domain to Cloudflare 1 day after renewing it for 10
years with a previous registrar. (Yes, this was foolish; I didn’t realize Cloudflare would charge a full year’s registration fee for a transfer that did not result in a renewal.)

There is very little information out there regarding how to handle such a situation. I thought Cloudflare would be able to complete the transfer without a charge, but they told me they charge a renewal fee for transfers even when no renewal occurs.

Their Developer page states:
“If a year is not added to your registration, you have effectively paid twice for the same added year. Per ICANN rules, you are entitled to request a refund at your previous registrar.”

Does anyone know where in the ICANN rules it is stated that the refund should come from the previous registrar? The previous registrar in my case is Google, and I can only imagine how hard it will be to get them to issue a refund. Is there any chance of getting Cloudflare to issue a refund instead?


Doubtful as I suspect that would mean cf is out a year of cost on a zero mark up product. I see the team indicated similar on 2568775

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Unable to find the post you were referring to.

However, Google was surprisingly prompt in getting back to me, and they issued a refund for the duplicate renewal. Perhaps this will help others who end up in the same situation. Or they will simply not make the same mistake I did! :sweat_smile:

If anyone happens to know this, I still think it would be great to have it on record. I wasn’t able to find it myself on ICANN’s website.

2568775 is a support ticket number. You should go to and see there your support tickets.

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