Double level sub domain

We are on a business plan and would like to expand our current use of Cloudflare to cover lower environments - mostly to configure HTTPS on these in the same setup as the main site.

The lower environments are on a different primary domain and understand this would be a new site and business plan.

The solution has multiple components that follow the format


Does the wildcard certificate handle the double level subdomain or how do you recommend covering this setup?

It does not, but being on a business plan you could import your own custom certificate which could cover this hierarchy.

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Thank you

Would the SSL certificate ordered through Cloudflare work or would it need to be a custom certificate from another provider?

I took a look at the options in our main site (which uses the $5 per month option). Would the $10 per month scenario be required for the double level subdomain?

The $5 option would not work, the $10 option might/should but I’d probably first clarify it with support.

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Universal SSL only covers the root domain and has a first level wildcard. For the second level you would need a certificate which explicitly covers that host or which is a wildcard for the first level host * which would cover abc. and

The $10 option is a SAN cert which would allow you to define up to 50 hostnames. So you could have testing, *.testing (counts as 2 host names on SAN cert) and development and *.development as well as others up to 50 total.

@sandro has a good point could upload your own SAN cert as well if you chose on BIZ plan, so could use Let’s Encrypt cert for free if you are OK to manage renewals. Otherwise the Dedicated Cert w/ Custom Hostnames fits the use case best.


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