Double layers of Cloudflare

We have a webshop in Sweden from the Swedish provider “Quickbutik”. When we moved there, we choose to route all traffic through Cloudflare because we needed “page rules” to handle old url:s being redirected.

Now the provider wants us to point our traffic to a new IP-address and a new “environment”. In that new “environment” they have “activated” Cloudflare (can’t really get info of what services exactly, I have asked).

My question: Will there be any problems having our Cloudflare pointing to yet another layer of Cloudflare? Or will it work? Will it be slower/faster or no difference.

Tried to find an answer, but couldn’t.

Sorry, you can’t currently layer your Cloudflare over someone else’s Cloudflare. You’d have to :grey: DNS Only that record and use their Cloudflare settings. This is the case with other services that have made the switch to Cloudflare, such as Shopify.

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