Double domain registration

Hello. I’m trying to register a domain to cloudflare from siteground, but it looks like this domain has been already registered at cloudflare with another account. That’s weird, as i can’t really understand how my domain can be registered with a another account. Of course, I don’t have other accounts on cloudflare.

What’s the exact error you are facing? Might help a bit more with diagnosis, maybe some screenshots :smile:

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Depending on the domain name it could have been registered by someone else who previously used cloudflare to manage it, Ive had this happen once. Simply contact cloudflare support by opening a ticket, they asked me to make a new record with a unique string in it to verify that I was in fact in control of the domain and from there ive had no problems, this process can take a couple days to complete if youre on the free plan but after that its smooth sailing.

Edit for clarity: the record changes will have to be performed via your domain registrar for the verification process, after which you can then set your nameservers to cloudflare again and be ready to use the service.

I am not sure, @user4324 what you are trying to accomplish. To transfer a domain name to cloudflare registrar is only possible for TLDs we support and for domains that are active on Cloudflare. If the TLD is not shown on this page, it is not possible to register the domain using cloudflare registrar nor is it possible to transfer the domain registration to cloudflare registrar.

I see you have two active zones in your account and one pending zone. To activate the pending zone on cloudflare, you need to change your name servers.

What is the name of the domain in question? I do not see the zone pending in your account as active anywhere else on Cloudflare so not certain as to the issue you are encountering.

@user4324 do not open multiple tickets for the same issue, it slows down how quickly we can provide support for you and for everyone else that is contacting Support. Your tickets have been merged into 2112840.

I see you have access to the cloudflare registrar beta, but, again, you can only transfer in or registrar new TLDs that are supported by cloudflare registrar. And, you can only transfer the domain to cloudflare registrar if it is already actively using cloudflare.

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