Double billed

Dear Cloudflare,

On the 1st of Feb, I signed up for the 20 USD per month plan throw PayPal.

When the invoice was issued, the name of my company didn’t contain the required suffix.

I decided to change the invoice details, the panel requested to sign up for PayPal again, not sure why upon signing into PayPal I was billed one more time.

So now I have two charges of 20 USD for about a few minutes.

These charges happened in a matter of an hour.

However, even after that change, the company details still look incorrect.

Can you:

  1. Correct the details by adding the required suffix.

  2. Refund me the second charge fully.

  3. Fix your panel so that no one else is affected by this, I can only imagine how frustrating is that if you are taking the more expensive plans, like the 200 USD one.

I opened a ticket on that subject on 1st of Feb, it says the request is #1634575, however, no update was made on it, nor Cloudflare replies to it. Since the legal time frame to request a legal chargeback is 14 days. I would have to open a PayPal refund request and official bank chargeback request.

I hope you understand that this is a clear double charge bug that is out of my control.

Thank you!

As this is a customer forum, we can only suggest you check spam folders as well as sign in to the support portal to check the status of your ticket. @cloonan might also be able to look into your ticket.


Hi, I see the support engineer escalated your ticket to the billing team, I’ll keep an eye out on it.


Yeah, already checked my spam folder - nothing.

I do understand where it was escalated but because no one updated me on anything and it looks like a clear system issues of double charge, I had to force myself and open a claim to PayPal as the legal framework here in the EU is 14 days to dispute a charge and I am almost running out of time.

One thing which I still cannot understand is why, despite editing my company details, which was the reason for the wrong second charge, the old ones still show on both “Invoice Contact Info” and the invoices themselves. I mean, I went and did everything as requested by the panel, it forced me to log into PayPal again, it charged wrongly for a second time and now the details are still the old ones. If I edit them again, I will be charged probably again and they will stay like that.

I still need the correct invoice! I guess, you too.