Double billed for transfers

I recently transferred 13 domains to Cloudflare. I found on my bank statements that they charged $8.03 a total of 16 times. I looked at the invoices and found duplicates where they charged me twice for the same domain.

I have attempted to contact their support but can not reach a human. The ticket stays open for a few days and then automatically tries to close.

I have other domains I was considering transferring but now I am having second thoughts. Is this how things are with Cloudflare?

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Hi @ShaunC,

This is not typical, I have transferred several domains in and never had these issues.

When you open a ticket, you will probably receive an automated response. Make sure to reply to that to get through to a support engineer. Please also post your ticket number here so the mods can check up on it.

Unfortulately, we can’t help with billing issues, and you will need support for this.

Thanks for the reply @domjh

Ticket number is 1932657.

After a few days of no responses I got an automatic email saying that they’re marking the ticket as resolved and to reply if it isn’t. I’ve replied twice now, still no resolution.

Thanks again.


3 domains were charged twice out of the 13?

It isn’t typical, but it isn’t uncommon either. It’ll take a couple tries with the billing team, but they should be able to help.

First though, wait until you get the actual statement as it isn’t impossible that they did some additional pre-authorizations that will expire on their own, but these should not show up on a statement.

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That is good input @thedaveCA, I’ve seen similar that are self-corrected before the engineer gets to the ticket. I see your ticket and added myself to it to track with billing. Sorry for the pain, @ShaunC

I had one a few weeks ago that doubled and both transactions settled. Billing was able to figure it out and issue the refund.


Thanks for the responses. No news to report yet from the ticket.

My bank statement shows 16 charges of $8.03. The Cloudflare combined invoice shows 13 domains transferred. On two of those domains, the Cloudflare invoice shows a duplicate Registrar fee and duplicate ICANN fee. So I know which 2 domains they double-billed for, but there is one additional charge of $8.03 that I don’t what they charged for.

I thought that might be it, but the charges look finalized at this point. I performed the transfers about a week ago, received the official summary of charges from Cloudflare (which clearly shows the error and incorrect total), and my bank no longer lists the charges as pending. After trying to get ahold of the billing team, I’m not sure what else to do.

Thanks @cloonan and @thedaveCA. I’ll give it some more time.

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Was this ever resolved? It just happened to me, as well.

The first attempt to transfer a domain via renewal told me that it didn’t work and I wouldn’t get charged.

The second attempt worked, but then I checked my PayPal account and was charged for the first attempt as well.

When viewing the billing section of my account, there is no mention of the two charges. Only the one that resulted in the transfer/renewal.

Same here.

This issue, for a single domain I was renewing, was resolved and closed within a couple of days by support. When I gave them the choice of credit or refund, they didn’t hesitate to make the choice of refunding the extra charge. I give them a thumbs-up for this, since there’s a bit of integrity when a company isn’t looking to lock you into an unnecessary expense.

Just a few minutes ago, I followed the same steps as before and everything went smoothly. Over the next year, I’ll be slowly transferring over fifty domains to them because of my experience of how they handled the issue mentioned above in an honest way.