DoT vs DoH performance and response time


From a technical point of view, which has the fastest response times. DoT or DoH? Assuming both can be used with ones own dns resolver (unbound).


Have you tried to run some benchmarks? I’d assume they are pretty close, maybe DoT is a tad ahead because there is one protocol layer less but that might also be negligible. Overall I somewhat doubt there’d be a significant difference.


No, but I’m happy to do such a test. Are there any Linux command line utilities for this?

speculating a little, would DoH work over http2 or even Quic? In that case there might be advantages from persistent connections, streams and such?


There might be specific DNS benchmarks. If not you can always run individual queries in a large-enough loop and time it using time.


I don’t have benchmarks, but my gut feel DoT is faster than DoH.

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I would assume DoH works over, both, 1.1 and 2.0. Quic, respectively 3.0, is probably not supported yet :man_shrugging:.

As for the mentioned features, considering both protocol wrappers use TCP they could both utilise persistent connections, but whether it is implemented is a different question. Lots of speculation from my side I am afraid.

I’d probably summarise it as differences will be negligible, but benchmarks could be certainly interesting.