DoT Support on Gateway


Is it Possible to use DoT on Cloudflare Gateway?
Couldn’t find Anything - Only DoH…

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So far I found it is not implemented yet. Only mentioned as a future feature. I also looking forward to getting this feature.

Hi, we’re actively working on implementing this over the next month or so. Expect this to ship in Q4.

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Any news on when DoT support will be available for gateway?

Hi, we’re in the middle of deploying support for it. Support for DoT in Gateway,, and will ship this quarter.

Support for DoT is released within Cloudflare Gateway.

We’re working on adding it to ( and ( as well. Stay tuned!

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Thanks for getting this in place and sorry if this is a stupid question - but in the docs I only see reference to an ipv4 address and hostname - what do you do about ipv6?

No IPv6 support?

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