DOS not being stopped by cloudflare

I have tried blocking ip outside India. Still, I am getting (DOS attack) request from gcloud USA.

How did you block non-India requests?

I am using firewall rules

That rule works for blocking me (US). Looking up that IP address, it’s Geolocation is Netherlands. Which should also be blocked.

Do you have any other firewall rules which might allow something through?

Otherwise, they might be bypassing Cloudflare and hitting your IP address directly. That’s why you would firewall off any connections that don’t come through

Thanks for the suggestion. Blocking ips that don’t belong to Cloudflare was something that I was not doing. I have right now implemented it. I hope that helps.

Is there a way to see if that is what the issue was? In my web application, there is a log from which I narrowed down that was a source of trouble. If that is missing from Cloudflare logs that would imply that they are bypassing Cloudflare. I tried going through Cloudflare logs but I could figure out an easy way to filter out data or download the log data to excel.

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