DOS from Cloudflare pull IP

3 days on my site there is an attack from ip addresses of Cloudflare.
My hosting reported that I need to contact to Cloudflare.
Please help me.

What do you mean by attack? Do you have your domain behind Cloudflare?

I mean dos attack. When I open my site I got 503 http code.
Yes, my domain behind CF.

What is your domain? What makes you think of a denial of service attack?

I think this is DOS because I saw log files. There are too many requests

A lot of requests is not necessarily an attack.

Your security settings might be too low for Cloudflare to have reacted and stopped/challenged those requests. What is your security level set to?

now I set ‘under attack’

Well, not now obviously but when you had the issue.

3 days ago

What I meant was what your setting was when you had the issue.

Apparently it was too low.

but what to do now?
Because my hosting said me “This is not our problem, this is problem Cloudflare”.

Well, with the setting you have right now it should not be an issue anymore.

I thought so too. but I still got 503 :frowning:

That error is coming from your host, so you’ll need to contact them. If they dont want to help it might be a good idea to change host.

Your Cloudflare account does validate every request at this point, so your logfile should be back to normal at this point.

I will write to hosting again

Should they deny responsibility once again point to the error message in Ukrainian, which is obviously theirs.

They told me - “Many requests come to us and the server discards them at a limit. All requests come from CF”

That might have happened until you activated “under attack”, now every request is validated. I’d check the log files for the number of requests you are currently receiving.

Under attack mode is activated yesterday.
Today we changed it to another mode for test and then returned to “under attack” again