Dont't know which account hosting is with

We are trying to get to the hosting for our site. I just came on as the developer for the company and we don’t know who set up this site (one of our affiliates). We need to get into the site to update the prices for our products. We don’t know which email is associated with the account. Is there a way to access the hosting for this site?

Your hosting account or your Cloudflare account. If it is your hosting account you best contact the host, if you don’t even know who the host is, it will be tricky and you can only follow the money and check whom you pay every month.

If it is the Cloudflare account it probably is best to set up the domain from scratch on a new Cloudflare account. is telling me that is is hosted on Cloudflare hosting. I had not heard that cloudflare provides hosting, but I assumed they had started. Does cloudflare provide hosting?

No, Cloudflare does not provide hosting.

Alright, that helps me at least rule this one out. Thank you

I’d follow the money. You must be paying someone for that.

If you can access your Cloudflare account you can also check out the DNS records and that should give you a hint as well.

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