Don't understand DNS

First post - please be gentle with me - have read and listened to videos but still not got a clue…

Have set up a DNS record for my website

A - www - IP ADDRESS

It seems that I should set up a CNAME record but I don’t understand why or what should be in it

Also what else do I need to do? The site is a wordpress site running the Cloudflare plugin - I am very confused :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help.

Typically your host should be able to provide you with the specifics for their service, often in their control panel but definitely not always.

Most often an A record for the domain itself and the www record are enough, although in some cases a CNAME will be used instead.

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Thanks - I will go and speak to the host’s tech people :slight_smile:

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Hi, please check this:


Keep learning, thanks.

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