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I don’t see any traffic information on ClouFlare yet my website is getting traffic. Why is this not reflected on CloudFlare? I checked with ExactHosting which is my registrar and they say my DNS records are set correctly with you, so they are not acting as the DNS record manager, which means you are, then why I am not seeing any traffic information on CloudFlare? It shows 0 for the last 24hs, 7 days or 30 days yet I know I am getting traffic since I am getting sales and my google Analytics shows traffic.


Can you share the domain name for me to check?


Your domain is not proxied, so Cloudflare is not actually doing anything except responding to DNS queries.

You need to set all relevant records in the Cloudflare Dashboard to :orange:.

Hi, I am not sure how to do that. My domain name registrar is ExactHosting, and they used to have my DNS records. Tehn I got CloudFlare as a tool to protect my domain against DDS attacks, so I set up my DNS records with them.
So, since I have my domain with ExactHosting I won’t see any analytics on CloudFlare? If that is the case, it is ok, I can always use Google Analytics.

This tutorial covers it.

Thank you. Unfortunately I don’t see an option tot toggle between orange and grey cloud for my already created DNS records. And for new ones, I can only choose an orange cloud that says “PROXY” and has a grey arrow going through it, or the grey cloud.

That’s what you need to select. Just click on the old records and toggle the cloud.

I only see the option to toggle if I go to set up a new record. For all records it does not allow me to change that.

So you can see what I see.

Your domain is using Shopify. Shopify is a Cloudflare partner and has complete control over your Cloudflare environment, including analytics. Don’t they have their own analytics dashboard?

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They do, just wanted to make sure that I had not done anything wrong with CloudFlare and that is why I was not seeing the analytics on CloudFlare

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Can not do that.

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