Don't know where else to get answers, cloudflare captcha on every website i enter

Hello, about 2 days ago i started getting Cloudflare captchas on most websites i join, why? from what i know it’s a security measure but the most i’ve done to spam is upvote a bunch of stuff on reddit. this is so irritating and i just want it fixed. do i have to contact my internet provider to get it fixed? i also tried that honeypot wesbite to blacklist my ip but doesnt seem to work

also, i searched my ip on honey pot and it doesnt show anything

Going to try to not repost everything:

Audit the security of any computers you have, make sure they’re up to date, make sure any IoT (internet of things) devices like thermostats, smart lights, etc are up to date.

The biggest one is to make sure your router is up to date. Many routers have vulnerabilities that allow attackers to use them in a botnet, often using it to perform DDOS attacks without your knowledge which ends up getting your IP address blacklisted or ruins your IP reputation.


As @judge said, something has tripped Cloudflare security. It could be your IP address, or a bunch of IP addresses in your range.

You can also power off your router and wait a few minutes before powering it back on. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a new IP address what won’t keep getting blocked.

And if all that doesn’t work, you can try Privacy Pass.


i have premium bitdefender on all of our devices and ALL the scans came back clear. total SHAM

The IP address was found to have a negative reputation. Reasons for this assessment include:

  • The host is unauthorized to send email directly to email servers.


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