Don't know what should go in a TXT record

I have the same problem. I don’t know what should be filled in the TXT content

I have the same problem. I don’t know what should be filled in the TXT content
Did anyone come across it and deal with it

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

The ‘content’ should have something and not be blank, so that looks to be an issue on CF’s side. Go to and click ‘get more help’ to submit a support request.

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I have submitted it and hope to get help. Thank you #2182663

what should I do next?

I encounter the same problem do not know how to solve the TXT content is what?

hi Does anyone know how to solve this problem?The TXT validation content is empty

How did your problem get solved? I had the same problem

How should I operate, please? What is the value to add the TXT record? The instance is blank

Hi @76366377,

Please keep all your replies in this thread and don’t keep opening new ones.

I have escalated your topic. You should hear back from Cloudflare Support either here or on your ticket.


thanks !

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You are not seeing the verification TXT record due to the fact that your zone is currently active under a different Cloudflare account.

You will need to remove the zone from the said account if you would like to activate it (and see the TXT validation record) under this account you are attempting from.


Hi Blas @blas

I transferred to Cute Wizard CDN-Cloudflare partner. After the transfer, you cannot perform any operations on the Cloudflare panel, such as adding a record, etc., any operation must be performed in the Cute Wizard CDN, so I think has been transferred to the Cute Wizard CDN, and there is no activity under different Cloudflare accounts .

If you are right, should I delete under Cloudflare or delete it in Cute Wizard CDN? Very strange, the problem I encountered suddenly appeared, and it has never appeared before, because has been running normally in the Cute Wizard CDN for a long time.

As far as I can see, the zone was moved away from the Cloudflare partner service recently, and activated under a different account as a Full Setup.

If you have no knowledge, or access to the account is it currently active in, and would like to re-activate under the partner account, we can move this conversation back to the ticket as you will need to provide some verification to prove ownership of the domain. Otherwise, you will need to remove the site from the active account (Not in the partner account).

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After deleting and adding again, I found that the nameservers have changed and I need to reset it. Remove the following nameservers,,, Add Cloudflare’s nameservers,, nico.ns

Wait a few hours for updated results.

Yes indeed. In essence, a verification txt will not be provided for activation if the zone is currently active under a different account.

Why has nameservers changed? Was the previous nameservers wrong? I checked that the previous nameservers are correct. Why do I have to modify nameservers?

Hi friends, I re-added and modified the nameservers, and after a few minutes everything was back to normal. I wonder why the previous nameservers failed?

Activation failed because the zone was already active under a different account. A zone/site can only be active in one account at a time on Cloudflare.

I see your zone is now active! Let us know if you need further assistance.