Don't know public DNS key for Cloudflare

I am connecting Cloudflare with my .cz domain. And my hosting and registrator ACTIVE 24 when I’m trying to setup DNS for Cloudflare, but it needs Registration of KEYSET and there is DNS key section with public key, but I doesn’t have any public key.
Thanks for help,

Everything DNSSEC related is at under “DNSSEC”.

But you typically don’t need this to change nameservers but only for configuring DNSSEC at your registrar.

Thank you. I have one more question.
Cloudflare said me, algorythm is “13”
But at my registrar there are only these:
DSA/SHA1, RSA/SHA-1, DSA-NSEC3-SHA1, RSA/SHA-256, RSA/SHA-512, GOST R 34.10-2001,
ECDSA Curve P-256 with SHA-256, ECDSA Curve P-384 with SHA-384, Ed25519, Ed448, Private DNS, Private OID
Which one should I choose?



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