Don't Have Login Email or Password

Needing zone files for domain with name servers at CF. We purchased company a few years back and the original owner of this is no longer with the company. We do not know the users email that was associated with it, the password, or even the Customer Success Manager to contact. PLEASE HELP!

Those will be with your hosting provider, cloudflare does not have what you are looking for. You are paying someone to host your site, that is where you will find those files.

That means once you locate your hosting provider, you would need to add the site to a cf account you can control and have your domain registrar (could be your host, could be yet a 3rd company) and ask them to change the nameservers to the two in your cf account.

CSMs are assigned to enterprise customers. What is the name of the domain? I can investigate a bit more, but I suspect the site is not on a paid plan and there is no CSM. Bigger things to address first are finding your host and finding your registrar. Knowing the domain name will help with both of thoseā€¦