Dont have access to the email adress and forgot password

hey guys, i no longer have access to my email account related to my cloudflare account,
i also forgot my password.
the account is active but i cant make changes.
i tried to open a new account and upload the domain registered in my old account but i got a lot of dns entries (with ipv6) that seems wrong.
is there a way to recover my password or use a new account instead.
thanks in advance

Hi @user3072,

Unfortunately, if you can’t log in or access the email account registered, you won’t be able to gain access to your old account.

You will have to add the DNS records to your new account manually or import them from a BIND file.

thanks for your answer,
the problem is all the dns records are proxied and i have bunch of ipv6 addresses that i never entered.
can you advise how i can get the BIND file


I suspect you moved the domain from one Cloudflare account to another so Al the Cloudflare public IPs will now be added as records. You will need to get the required records from your web host (they may let you export a BIND file, or you may have to do it manually).

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