Don't have access to account dashboard and need to remove DNS delegated zone

A while back (3 years ago) we had a POC with cloudflare and the DNS delegation didn’t get removed when we didn’t proceed with cloudflare and we need to remove the subdomain from DNS. I’m not clear how to do that without access to the account

Account recovery options are here…

If you can’t access the Cloudflare account then you can just change the nameservers (to another Cloudflare account or other DNS provider) at your registrar (unless the registrar is Cloudflare) to take control of the domain.

that sounds great but my account rep has moved on to a different company

That’s a link to click, it will give you the options to try.

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If your domain doesn’t have Cloudflare nameservers assigned at the registrar, there shouldn’t be anything that you need to change in any Cloudflare account.

If you left a subdomain delegated to Cloudflare, it won’t be active on Cloudflare without at least a Business subscription and the delegation is configured at your current DNS provider. All you need to do to reuse the name is to delete the NS records at that label.

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