Dont Delete cash when i add new post

When i add new post to my website and refresh the main page of my website i face to old post despite i set cash time on 4h after that time again i face to old post how i should set up cash settings to fix it and have less effective on my page speed and i don’t use cash plugin

If your site is powered by WordPress one solution could be to install Cloudflare for WordPress plugin and enable " Automatic Cache Purge on Website Updates". Otherwise you should purge your cache manually via API call or in dashboard.


Where did you set this? It sounds like you have a Cache Everything page rule, but cache time can be either Browser Cache (visitor’s side), or Edge Cache (Cloudflare’s side).

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I set it with cloudflare dashboard and i use cloudflare f
plugin and also apply the best settings

I did it.thanks if each time i update my site and click Purge on Website Updates it doesn’t make problems?

“Automatic Cache Purge on Website Updates” is doing purge for the url which was updated. It should be fine.


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