Don connect my domain

I can’t connect to my ip4 address with domain. I can’t connect to Ah after it’s going well, please solve it quickly.

What is the domain? Can you show a screenshot of your Cloudflare DNS records?

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Even if I go to #A/ and type (example of my domain address), it’s all x.
I bought a 10-year-old domain of cloudflare and it worked fine until 4 days ago but suddenly it didn’t work so I don’t know how to fix it.
Currently, I live in South Korea.

If you need help from the community, provide the information that @sjr asked for earlier.

Duckdns are well connected but only cloudflare uk domain does not match my ip.
Only root domain needs to be connected to my ip. Everything else is not connected because it is not connected from the very beginning

Your domain is proxied, so the IP addresses you see are from Cloudflare. Read more here…

If there is some other problem, you’ll need to give the domain so it’s easier to check.

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Your domain is suspended…

Create a Cloudflare Registrar support ticket here to ask for it to be fixed…

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Thanks. I just submitted my ticket.
It’s hard to use because I can’t speak English and process it in a different way from Korea. Your answer was very helpful. Thank you


I can’t solve it, so I’m going to get a refund. I paid for 10 years and it’s been 7 days since I bought the domain, can I get a refund for the remaining 9 years in this situation?

That is unlikely. Domain registrations are not refundable as described in section 4.1 of the registrar terms.

ok. I must say this time I lost money as a lesson. Domain is no longer available for purchase on cloudflareㅜ

Did you open a registrar ticket about the domain name being suspended?

Yes. I’m talking with the ticket open, but I think it’s going to be difficult to solve. I know that cloudflare has no refund policy. It’s a problem with uk domains. Is there a service in cloudflare that pays more and switches from uk to another domain like com?

I don’t know what you mean by

Are you asking about forwarding from one domain to another, like a redirect rule?