Dominios .cl

No puedo registrar un dominio con extensión .cl

#CommunityTip 521 error
#CommunityTip 524 error
#CommunityTip 522 error

You can not register a .cl domain here, but you can add it to your account.


We need to add a new domain to the MediaTemple server but…

Your domain ownership could not be verified. Please see our guide or call 877.578.4000 for help. If you made DNS changes recently, you may need to verify later as it can take up to 48 hours for those settings to take effect.


For security purposes, we need verification that you control the domain ( ) before creating a zone file. To do that, add this code as a TXT record at your registrar and then verify the domain here. More info.

If you no longer wish to create a zone file for this domain, you can Cancel the verification process.

Record Type: TXT
Record Name: or
Record Value: mt-76696373

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